Splash---WelcomeIt is a great pleasure to welcome you to our website, and hopefully inspire you to become involved with what we do at the YMCA. By clicking the various icons you will see that the YMCA is interwoven into the fabric of our community, and indeed is a cornerstone of our society.

Our community stretches throughout the Wanganui and Manawatu areas locally, throughout New Zealand and the World. The Wanganui area will be celebrating 100 years in existence in 2012. In this time, the YMCA has assisted in both world wars and has continuously provided camping, outdoors, leadership, health and fitness programs in our community.

Education has in recent decades become a large part of what we do, and has strengthened the importance of the YMCA in our community. We often fill the gap between school and work.

As we look to stay relevant, and keep building great New Zealanders we ask that you consider encouraging those you know, or indeed yourself to get involved and support our organisation for the betterment of our community.

We ask that you show your spirit!

Gerry Gibbs, CEO YMCA



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